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Welcome to this free EViews course. In this course, you will learn from zero how to use EViews for applied economics time series and forecasting. If you are currently in university doing your undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies, this course will help you learn and master the most important topics in time series analysis. Some of the topics covered are time-series stationarity, linear regressions, ARIMA Models, cointegration and error correction models, vector autoregression models, structural vector autoregression models, and more! The course is suited for any level. You can download the dataset to replicate the content that I teach for free (no ads). Also, you will find recommended literature to broaden your knowledge on the topic. Finally, you can buy the slides I use in the video + the Eviews Workfile with all the graphs and instructions along with the dataset. I hope you enjoy the content and wish you good luck on your learning journey!

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graph, diagram, How to import data into EViews

how to import data

EViews tutorial: 1

graph, diagram, stationarity in eviews

ARIMA modelling

EViews tutorial: 5

Arch models JDEconomics

ARCH models

eviews tutorial : 6

Arch models JDEconomics

GARCH Models

eviews tutorial : 7

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