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best Latex/overleaf template for your economics research paper

Are you working on your Economics research paper? If so, take a look at this Overleaf Template that will make your work look professional. The format is the exact same as those papers published in journals. You can download a sample of how it will look like for free. Don’t waste more time looking for other overleaf templates. Check it out!

Overleaf templates: Your paper will look like this!


Cover Page

The template includes Cover Page with Title, Author and Abstract section as well as Keywords. The rest of the sections include Introduction, Literature Review, Model, Main Findings, conclusions, References and Appendix.

Download a free sample of how the final product will look like!

The sample contains random text and maths. provides an overview of how the format will look on your paper. once you buy the template, you can edit it.

$4.99 CAD

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Most frequent questions and answers

The file comes in a ZIP Folder. The extension is .tex

You need an account in Overleaf (free) and you can upload the template. The extension of the file is .tex so you can open it with LaTeX too.

To edit the content, you need to upload the template in Overleaf or LaTeX. Then, clear the text in the applicable section and replace it with your text.

There are available video tutorials in my site and channel where I teach in short videos how to change referencess/bibliography and write math equations. The tutorials are free and available in my Youtube channel or website.

The template contains instructions and tips on what to write in each section. It provides some insights about how to fill each section.

If you have any questions or don’t know how to do something in particular, you can add the comment in the page, and I will provide a response. Your questions will help others as well.

You can download for free in PDF format a sample so you can see how the format looks like. Once you buy the template, you can edit the text in Overleaf or LaTeX. Your paper will look very professional!