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write your research paper in a professional format

Learn about the typesetting software used to write assignments and research papers and articles in academics. Start getting familiar with it and implementing it in your academic work.

If you are getting into university or graduate school, you will be writing many assignments and most likely a thesis or research project to graduate. If that’s the case, you will want to start getting familiar with any professional typesetting software that allows you to present your work in a professional format. Most of us have used Word (MS Office) to write assignments in high school, but those years are over. Word will not provide us with the format or functionalities required to write a maths paper. If you have used the equation environment in Word, you will have noticed that it is very time-consuming to write equations, and there will always be some limitations. The software most commonly used in academics to write papers is LaTeX.

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is a professional and high-quality typesetting system; designed to produce technical and scientific documentation. As previously mentioned, LaTeX is the software selected by scientists, researchers, students, and the academics world in general to publish papers. The best part? It’s free.

An alternative option to LaTeX is using Overleaf. Both typesetting systems work in a very similar way, but the difference is Overleaf is a cloud-based LaTeX editor used for writing. There is no need to download any software. Everything is online and sleeps on the cloud. All you need to do is register in Overleaf and start writing your paper or assignments.

What do I use to write my papers or assignments? I use Overleaf.

In the beginning, it can be challenging, and I didn’t know how to use LaTeX (I didn’t even know it existed). That’s why I decided to do some tutorials to teach new students how to get started. Feel free to check it out! I will be posting more details and exciting features of Overleaf. Stay Tuned!

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