LaTeX with Overleaf Course

Overleaf Course: How to Master Latex for Scientific Writing

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are an academic or scientist , or aspire to become one. Inevitably, you will be required to write scientific/academic documents of some sort. Whether it is for a research project, a thesis, or something else – writing is important. It can also be challenging at times.

Overleaf is an online collaborative writing tool which enables users to create and edit LaTeX files online in real-time with their peers. Furthermore, Overleaf makes compiling your documents easy by integrating with the most popular document management systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

In this series of video tutorials, I will introduce you to using latex when creating your scientific documents and how overleaf can make your life easier!

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1-Math Equations

Learn how to write math equations in LaTeX with Overleaf.

I cover the main things you should know to start presenting your math assignments in a professional format.

2-Create Tables

Learn how to create tables in Latex with Overleaf. Creating tables can be really complicated, but I bring you a nice shortcut. Regardless of the complexity of the table, I have a quick and easy solution for your!

3-Add notes to tables/figures

In this tutorial I teach you how to add notes to tables or figures. If you are working on a research paper or assignment, and need to add notes to your tables of figures you should check out this tutorial!

4-Add Bibliography

In this tutorial I teach you how to add bibliography/references to your work. We use BibTex, the most commonly used way in the academics.